Friday, 8 March 2013

My article on a internation solar magazine from USA (Global Solar Technology)

Hello all,

My exclusive article on power management during islanding condition (PV sync with diesel generator) has been published in a international Solar magazine - Global Solar Technology, USA. 

You can have a look at my article here - Click here 

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"In a grid tie solar PV system, no energy is wasted, i.e. any excess electricity is given to the electrical grid. Grid tie solar systems are particularly worthwhile during periods where there is absence of load, that is weekends or holidays when your solar system continues to give out electrical power. Hence there is very good potential for grid tie inverters in India, but is Indian grid infrastructure, strong enough for these latest distribution generation technologies? This article will speak more about the issues associated with the above concern and explain the methods to overcome these conditions by integrating/synchronizing the grid connected inverter with diesel generator during a power cut/grid failure."


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